Beacon Fabri-Fix Glue Bonding Solution - Fast Grab & Quick Dry for Fabric, Leather & More - No Heat, No Mess & Burn-Free, 8-Ounce Bottle Made in USA

By Beacon

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Fabri-Fix is a permanent, washable fabric glue that is also flexible and acid -free. It has all kinds of uses from repairing hems, split seams and clothing repairs to home decor like furniture upholstery and drapery. Use it for No-Sew Sewing! Fabri-Fix has a fast grab and quick dry so you can move through your projects quickly and easily to save time and money. Made in USA
  • Your go-to multi-material adhesive, highly effective on fabric, leather, suede, felt, and canvas. A perfect solution for all your household repairs and projects.
  • Fabri-Fix sets quickly, ensuring a rapid grab and dry time, allowing you to complete your DIY projects promptly without having to constantly check for the bond strength.
  • Designed for fast action with its 'Fast Grab' properties, and 'Quick Dry' technology, making DIY and repair tasks swift and effortless
  • Enjoy the convenience of washing your glued items without fear; Fabri-Fix is washable and acid-free, maintaining a firm grip even after a thorough clean.
  • Offers a safe and clean usage experience with no heating required, thereby eliminating any mess, potential burns, or harm to your hands.